The category list contains various features in the µTorrent client, including the list of torrent jobs, labels, and RSS feeds. The category list's visibility can be toggled by selecting "Options" then "Show Category List" in the main menus, or by pressing F7 on the keyboard. The last selected category before µTorrent is exited will be automatically selected on the next start. Numbers in the parentheses next to the category name indicate the number of torrent jobs there are listed under the respective category. The treeview is composed of the following default categories:

User-added labels will appear in the category list immediately below "No Label". Torrent jobs with labels will be displayed under their corresponding label. Standard labels are removed from the category list as soon as there are no torrent jobs using them.

Not all categories are mutually exclusive, so if you have a torrent job that has no labels, and is inactive, it will show up in both the "Inactive" category, and the "No Label" category. Multiple categories can be selected by holding Shift or Ctrl while left-clicking on a category. Holding Shift will select all categories in between the first selected category and the last selected one. Holding Ctrl allows you to select (or deselect) specific categories that aren't necessarily adjacent to each other.

RSS feeds are displayed at the bottom of the category list (below the labels). When an RSS feed is selected, the torrent jobs list is filled with torrents as listed in the RSS feed. Torrent jobs added from a feed are also listed in their respective source feeds.

Context Menu

If you right-click on an item in the category list, you'll see a context menu. They are described in the following list: