Here is a consolidated list of the keyboard shortcuts in µTorrent:

Command Shortcut
Add Torrent Ctrl+O
Add Torrent (no default save) Ctrl+D
Add Torrent from URL Ctrl+U
Create New Torrent Ctrl+N
Torrent Job Manipulation
Move Down Queue Ctrl+Alt+Down
Move Up Queue Ctrl+Alt+Up
Remove Delete
Remove and delete Data Shift+Delete
Rename F2
Filter Torrents Ctrl+F
Preferences Ctrl+P
RSS Downloader Ctrl+R
Setup Guide Ctrl+G
Interface Layout
Show Category List F7
Show Detailed Info F5
Show Status Bar F6
Show Toolbar F4
RSS Downloader
Remove RSS History Entry Delete
Remove RSS Favorite Delete
Rename RSS Favorite F2
µTorrent Help F1
Copy Selected Logger Tab Text Ctrl+C
Copy Statistics Dialog Text Ctrl+C
Reload flags.bmp / flags.conf Ctrl+Shift+R
Remove Tracker (from Trackers list) Delete