In most cases, when entering a URL into µTorrent, the usual http://domain/path works just fine, but in certain special cases where the site is protected by some form of authentication, modifications will have to be made to the URL in order for µTorrent to be able to get to the contents.

Sites that require HTTP authentication will have to be entered as such: http://username:[email protected]/path

Sites that require cookies must be entered as such: http://domain/path:COOKIE:uid=U;pass=P

Note that U and P must be obtained from the cookie file for the site. Also, realize that some sites do not use uid and/or pass as the corresponding variables, and as such, you must use the exact variable name and extra variables they do specify. For example, if the site's cookies specify a, b, and c, with values A, B, and C respectively, you should enter the URL as such: http://domain/path:COOKIE:a=A;b=B;c=C