So you've finished setting everything up, downloaded some torrents, and are now wondering how you can share your own files with other people? µTorrent makes the process very simple, and after only a few short steps you will be able to share your files easily. Despite its outward appearance, the .torrent file creation facility's simplicity does not mean it is lacking in functionality, and in most cases, it is all people need in a .torrent file creation utility. The only required step in creating a .torrent file is to select a valid source, though you should configure the rest of the settings appropriately if needed.

After you create the .torrent file, you need to find a way to share it with whoever you want. If you're only targeting a few people, it might be easier to send the file to them directly. If you're targeting the general public, you should upload it to a website that allows .torrent file uploads. Public .torrent index sites often allow for this. The .torrent file can also be uploaded to private trackers, but you should be aware that some private trackers require that you redownload the .torrent file from their tracker in order for it to work.

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